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My name is Ken Presner. I am an independent researcher, inventor, writer and health consultant. I invented The Ultimate Zapper in 1996. I was paralyzed with MS in 1989 at age 40. I nearly died from Crohn's disease in 1994. I did not beat 2 incurable diseases and return to perfect health by accident -- as My Recovery Protocol and Against All Odds show.


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The Ultimate Zapper was vital to my recovery. It broke the chain of pathology by killing parasites. The 5 Ultimate Zapper models have helped thousands of people recover their health. They go far beyond Dr. Hulda Clark zappers. Their superior technology creates the world's most effective parasite zappers -- and the best Pet Zappers -- at a very affordable price.

The Ultimate Zapper
makes a wonderful gift

The proof is clear

The Archive shows the stunning results with 890 unsolicited (and indexed) testimonials. NASA EIS 3-D Scanning with cutting edge technology shows undeniable scientific proof. And detailed Comparison Charts prove The Ultimate Zapper is #1 opposite dozens of competitors. No other zapper offers such compelling proof of effectiveness. It is no accident that 99% who try The Ultimate Zapper keep their zapper after the 3-month trial.

From a UK practitioner

Howard G.: I am a therapist with cutting edge equipment. The Ultimate Zapper is the most effective device I have used, ever. Strong statement? Yes, especially as I have 20,000 worth of healing equipment. I congratulate you on a simple device that will probably work on everyone. Oct. 3, 2012

After reviewing all the details, what everyone wants is results. The Ultimate Zapper delivers stunning results -- as 890 testimonials show. The Ultimate Zapper has proved its effectiveness for over 20 years. Miracles have even happened. The competition is dumbfounded -- but ParaZapper has found the answer to the testimonials. He says I must have made them up.

From an M.D.

Dr. Mitchell H.: My wife and I had microscopic blood analysis showing toxoplasmosis, anemia, trichomonas, red blood cell damage & yeast. We zapped 10 times. New blood tests showed no parasites. The examiner was amazed. Incredibly fast results -- no drugs. We're very happy. Thanks for a safe, affordable way to get well. We really appreciate it ... Feb 17, 2011

Miracles -- Thyroid -- HIV

Harry K.: ... thank you for an amazing product ... I have been using your Ultimate Zapper quite successfully for many years. It has created so many healing miracles I cannot even begin to count ... Sep. 22, 2014

Jose Q.: My wife is totally cured from her thyroid disorder. Her Dr. cannot believe his eyes -- hormonal levels better than normal. Being pregnant her thyroid is functioning as if she was 20. She is 37. I am eternally grateful to you ... what your Ultimate Zapper has done to her healing. Aug. 26, 2012

Richard B.: In 6 months without any medication [my HIV+ friend's] blood samples showed a viral load less than 500 (down from 50,000). His doctor only wants to see him once a year. He's very happy. April 12, 2007

Actress Karen Allen starred with Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies. Karen recovered from Lyme disease in 1 day using The Ultimate Zapper -- model SE. She now uses XE. In Karen's interview and on her Lyme Page she talks about her miraculous recovery and the recovery of "15 or 16 people" who also used her Ultimate Zapper for Lyme. Read 27 amazing Lyme Testimonials in The Archive -- including Karen's.

Karen on YouTube

Karen Allen: [after zapping 4 hours] ... I fell asleep ... I got up and I began to realize I felt dramatically different ... within about the next 48 hours all my Lyme symptoms had gone ... I was completely cured by this wonderful little machine ... I am a true believer in the wonders of [The Ultimate Zapper]
... it was one of those eureka moments in my life.

I know from my own experience that this works. I have even administered it to 15 or 16 people. It has helped all of them ...

Ken, thank you so much ...

Karen Allen: Ken, I never get sick at all anymore since I began using The Ultimate Zapper. Thank you so much for the part you play in getting it out into the world. It has had an incredible impact on me. All the best.
Karen Allen, Jan. 29, 2011

3 Classic Models
2 Premium Models

Advancing from BE to SE to XE to QE1 to QE2, expect faster and deeper results produced via the powerful effect of 12 True Features. QE1 and QE2 have added features that maximize power & optimize results. The Ultimate Zapper's True Features produce a powerful synergy -- a multiplifier effect that is the secret to its success.

Other zappers boast Bells & Whistles: low battery lights, automatic cycles, wrist bands, sensors, timers, beepers, digital read-outs, automatic shut-offs and other costly frills that don't create results -- because they are not true features. With The Ultimate Zappers you pay only for the 12 True Features that create results. Furthermore, some Hulda Clark zappers are not zappers at all but are actually frequency generators that pose serious complications.

The Ultimate Zapper's no frills policy means the focus is only on features. The Relative Strength Chart (below) shows survey results after 12 months of field testing with The Ultimate Zappers vs. 3 typical competitors using a cumulative point system. Even BE is 3 times stronger than the nearest rival.

Now view the Comparison Charts that compare in detail The 5 Ultimate Zappers with 30 top competitors based on the 12 True Features. No zapper comes even close to the superior strength of The 5 Ultimate Zappers.



Zap 5
  SE & XE
2100               2192
1200                1205  
700          764    
400           418      
100 126 132 119        

EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan), developed by the US National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), is cutting edge 3-D imaging and diagnostic technology. 1500+ medical doctors use EIS Scanning for patient diagnosis.

Below, see the amazing images from EIS Scanning of a male age 40 before and after using XE via Duration Zapping -- 30 minutes daily for 18 days. The EIS Page features dozens of scans of women and men with a variety of conditions. The scans are clear scientific proof of The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness -- and are not offered by any competitor.

These 3 scans were taken before zapping.
Colored areas show abnormalities.
1. Colon -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
2. Stomach and liver -- teal blue -- chronic inflammation.
3. Kidneys -- medium blue -- low activity of organ cells.
4. Heart -- navy blue -- hypoxia (low oxygen supply).
5. Heart -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
6. Heart -- yellow -- light inflammation.

These 3 scans were taken after zapping.
Grey areas show total normalization.

EIS scanning specialists, medical doctors, health practitioners, therapists, healers, health experts, electrical experts, electrical engineers and dowsers say The Ultimate Zapper is #1. How about the competition?

The competition loves The Ultimate Zapper. Don Croft (Terminator) clearly endorsed it and David Etheredge (ParaZapper) also endorsed it when he declared "it may be the best single frequency zapper". Well, according to Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the original parasite zapper and who defined zappers, his endorsement simply means

that The Ultimate Zapper is the best zapper. Dr. Clark defined zappers as pulse generators that produce a single frequency that sweeps all bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold and parasite frequencies with a positive offset square wave. That is the exact definition of The Ultimate Zapper.

But The Ultimate Zapper is light years ahead of the competition in terms of strength and effectiveness. So, a few rather covetous competitors (including ParaZapper) have tried to clone it and take its name for their own zappers -- and their websites. See an expose on the world of zappers in Zapperland.

Classic Models

Premium Models
QE1 & QE2

The Ultimate Zapper is made by experts with state-of-the-art components
using professional hard wiring -- and 100% pure copper wire
for ultra high conductivity. QE2, QE1 & XE feature
Neutrik professional gold-plated connectors.

The Ultimate Zapper's state-of-the-art microprocessor    
is a professional-grade Integrated Circuit chip.

Oscilloscope testing guarantees no circuit failures.
All models are housed in a professional-grade ABS box.
1000s of satisfied customers in 60 countries enjoy a lifetime warranty.


The Satisfaction Guaranteed package with The Ultimate Zapper is the best offered by any zapper -- including a lifetime warranty enjoyed by 1000s of satisfied customers in over 60 countries. Why not try it out for 3 months? People are so happy with the results that 99% keep their zapper after the trial. You'll likely be very happy, too. The logo should actually say 99% Guaranteed. Read more.

Order World-Wide

Upgrade your zapper
within the 3-month trial period

The Ultimate Zapper is easy to use. Just flip the switch & zap for 15 seconds for starters. The zapping feeling is gentle and relaxed. Zapping at bedtime gives most people a great sleep -- as dozens of testimonials show.

Instruction Manual

email kenpresner@hotmail.com
for a pdf version of the Instruction Manual

You are welcome to join my international distributor network
that has helped make The Ultimate Zapper #1.
Read more.

When you refer someone here and they place an order
for QE2 or QE1 you receive a $20 cash gift.
Email me for details.

add My Recovery Protocol to your order


to KINDLE FORMAT with the

I wrote My Recovery Protocol after a 7-year life-and-death battle with MS and Crohn's disease caused by mercury poisoning from "silver" fillings that are 50% mercury -- the #2 toxic metal on the planet. My protocol details exactly what I did to recover. It has helped many people recover from a variety of conditions with many different underlying metal and chemical toxicities.

This photo is from the Minamata mercury disaster in Japan in 1956
I looked like this in 1989 -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS

Everyone has some mercury in their body from food and air. But mercury leaches into the body 24/7 from toxic "silver" fillings. However you will not hear the M word from your doctor if you present symptoms of mercury poisoning. He or she will never even look for mercury. The medical system makes sure that practitioners protect the system from legal liability.

The Big Dental Mercury Lie

It is no wonder that studies show everyone who works in a dental office is highly mercury toxic -- with dentists in total denial. The incredible truth is that they "place" mercury in our mouths with full legal sanction. Even more incredible are the devastating results.

Scientific studies prove mercury causes cancer. It is the #1 neurotoxin. It causes childhood and adult neurological conditions. It causes Morgellons, candida and Lyme by suppressing the immune system. Mercury poisons glands and organs causing diabetes Type I and II -- and heart and thyroid disease. And as it is excreted from the body it destroys the bowel.

The ADA Lies thru Their Teeth

After all the billions of $$ poured into "research" by the medical system while ignoring mercury and other metal and chemical toxins, is it a mystery why they end up "discovering" drugs instead of finding cures? Do we need to ask whose side the medical system is on? There's a lot more.

I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my actual hospital ID wrist bands (right)

The key to my recovery was breaking the chain of pathology by detoxifying mercury & other metals, parallel with zapping to kill parasites attracted to them. The disease process was thus reversed. I am living and healthy proof you can even recover from paralysis and near death from toxic mercury. My Recovery Protocol contains 20 years of research that has helped many people recover their health. It will empower you to make informed choices. You will not get this information from the medical system.

Read more about My Recovery Protocol

add Against All Odds to your order

Against All Odds is the 275-page companion to My Recovery Protocol. It is the personal story of what I went through to get my life back -- 7 years of blood, sweat and tears. It tells how I escaped a hopeless situation with 2 incurable diseases in spite of the medical system. It also exposes the AMA and FDA colluding with the cunning ADA to create illness & profit from the results.

Read more about Against All Odds

Ken Presner, 1027 Davie Street, Suite 520, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 4L2
(this address is for snail mail only -- not for orders or deliveries)
email kenpresner@hotmail.com
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your number I will be glad to give you a call.

Mark W.: ... your communication (both speed and quality of information) supercedes every business I have ever dealt with online, hands down.
Feb 16, 2015.

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Podcast About My Recovery
and My Zapper

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Silver fillings are 50% toxic mercury.
Dairy products cause
breast cancer.
The Testimonials show
The Ultimate Zapper works for
serious condtions.

Arthur Doerksen

Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap
passed away from cancer in February 2016.
His son now manages the site.
I imagine Arthur's passing will soon be acknowledged.
I knew Arthur in the 1990's. He was a good man.

Hal Huggins

Dr. Hal Huggins
Obituary of the great pioneer of mercury-free dentistry.

Robert De Niro

Actor Robert De Niro
talks about the movie Vaxxed
and vaccinations that contain toxic mercury
... and his autistic child.


Monsanto is a bold leader -- helping us to
live better lives ... with toxic tampons.
Bravo Monsanto!

Flint, Michigan

Toxic metal tragedy at
Flint, Michigan. The Environmental
Protection Agency protects polluters from lawsuits. Bravo, EPA!

Health Care

The US Health Care System eats up nearly
18% of GDP -- $3.2 trillion annually -- $10,000 per person
-- with no cure in sight for incurable diseases.
Bravo Land of the Free!
-- where the medical industry enslaves the population.


The FDA has been
sued again because ...
despite the evidence of harm caused by mercury fillings
they are delaying their decision
to protect the public against mercury poisoning. Bravo FDA!

Health Canada

Health Canada is Canada's FDA.
Instead of outlawing mercury fillings they have outlawed
DMSA that detoxifies mercury -- a tragedy for
autistic children who improve dramatically with DMSA.
Link 1. Link 2. Bravo, O Canada!

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes to get a bill
passed for physician-assisted suicide.
But this has been legal for decades
-- via "silver" fillings that are 50% toxic mercury.
Bravo, O Canada!

Many competitors call their devices "Hulda Clark zappers" when they are not zappers at all -- and are not related to Dr. Clark. They are frequency generators, which are much more complicated than zappers. In her books, Dr. Clark warned about the complications involving syncrometer testing and parasite charts and multiple frequencies -- not to mention modes, panels, flashing lights, dials, buttons, beepers, boosters and the expensive hit-and-miss process awaiting you with frequency generators.

With The Ultimate Zapper there are no surprises awaiting you -- except the amazing results. The Ultimate Zapper keeps things as simple as can be. In fact, all you need to know is how to flip a switch.

My site is a message of hope. I am an incurable optimist. You have to be to overcome 2 incurable diseases -- against all odds. I follow my mother's example. Here she is zapping at 90 after twice beating life-threatening cancer. She believed The Ultimate Zapper helped her have a longer, healthier life. She kept her own home till she passed away just shy of 98. God bless her.

I also design high end audio power conditioners and accessories.
Welcome to Gone Audio.