DMSA is approved by the FDA for removing lead from the brains of children who are lead-poisoned. It's long name is meso 2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid. In fact DMSA can remove all metals from the tissues, including mercury. It also removes minerals from the body. It should only be used under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. DMSA is available in capsule form. It is rich in sulfur and acts like a magnet, bonding with metals and flushing them out of the body via the feces and the urine.

DMSA Chelation FigureDMSA Chelation Figure

         The DMSA Molecule              Capturing an atom of mercury

After I had all the metal fillings removed from my mouth I saw my practitioner for DMSA chelation. So-called silver amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and 10% silver. To read about the lies the dental industry propagates please click here. I was highly toxic with mercury. DMSA crosses the blood/brain barrier and removes mercury from the brain. MS is usually caused by dental mercury in brain tissue and the spinal cord, which it has an affinity for. I recovered quickly from MS once I started to do DMSA chelation. You should never do DMSA chelation if you still have mercury fillings in your mouth. This can shunt mercury from your fillings into your brain and spinal cord, leaving you worse off than before.

In order to discover if you are toxic with mercury or other metals you need to send a urine sample to a special lab. A few weeks later the results will come back to your doctor from the lab and you can discuss them with him. Correct interpretation of lab results cannot be overemphasized. Reference values on the test results do not necessarily mean, and sometimes absolutely do not mean, normal values. They define the lower and upper end of values that have been reported to the lab by those submitting urine for analysis. Lower and upper end values represent extremes, not normal values. The normal value for mercury is zero because that is what the theoretically normal human body contains. There is no physiological process that requires mercury, unlike zinc, copper and some of the other metals. It is extremely important to understand this so that you can discuss it with your practitioner as a fully informed participant in the treatment process. Also, low metal levels may mean that you are retaining the metals in your tissues, not that you do not have metals in your system. You may have to continue chelation until they are excreted and show up in urine samples. Also, your urine test results may not show the whole story. The metals are intracellular and different metals bond with the DMSA at different times. So it may, for instance, take many months for lead or arsenic to show up in the urine because copper and mercury are being chelated out and eliminated first. This was true in my case.

One other very interesting and useful aspect to all this is that the urine test results will also show your mineral levels. The chelation process also affects your mineral levels so that, as DMSA is removing metals from your body, it is also removing minerals as well. If the test results show low levels of some minerals, for example magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, phophorus or zinc, your practitioner may want you to remineralize before you take DMSA. If your mineral levels are severely depleted, you may be well advised by your practitioner to take one to three months to remineralize before the next course of chelation.

If one is poisoned by dental mercury, or other metals, they will usually not show up in blood testing since they are not in the blood. They are in the tissues and have to be provoked out of the tissues and into the blood, urine and feces before they will show up in lab test results. They can be "provoked" out of the tissues by DMSA.

A great deal of research on DMSA has been done by Dr. Aposhian.

Of course, the medical authorities know this. So the only testing they will pay for is blood testing which will show no mercury toxicity. They cannot admit that a patient is poisoned by dental mercury because this would lead to the source of the toxicity and would create huge legal liability for the dental industry and government. So, by using the smoke-and-mirrors blood test they avoid the issue entirely. They look in every direction for the cause of disease, except the most obvious one. They refuse to "rule out" dental mercury as the cause of disease.

After you have your dental mercury safely removed and replaced with bio-compatible plastics and after DMSA chelation there is still work to be done. For the chain of pathology to be broken pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus that are attracted to dental mercury in the tissues must be killed otherwise disease will still linger in the body. The most effective way to kill these pathogens is by zapping. Candida albicans and other pathogens that are attracted to dental mercury have nowhere to hide once mercury levels in the tissues are reduced. The New Improved Ultimate Zapper is the most effective zapper available for killing these pathogens.

I have just learned that Dr. Boyd Haley is coming out with a new and very effective chelator called OSR that I will be reporting on shortly. It comes highly recommended. It may be the first in a new generation of chelators.

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