The Ultimate Zapper has been helping pets for years. Please read the the Instruction Manual to learn how to zap your pets. And please read the PET ZAPPING section in the Testimonial Archive for lots of interesting Pet Testimonials send in by happy pet owners. You'll read some amazing stories. I recently received this message from my distributor in Japan. His suggests make a lot of sense for pet owners. Here is his email in its entirety.

Hi Ken,

I de-wormed my cat by UZ [The Ultimate Zapper] recently. I think potential demand for dogs and cats is huge.

1) The number of pet owner is increasing in developed countries.
2) Pets (mainly dogs & cats) are more susceptible to parasitic infection.
3) Pets' health is important to their owners' health, which is rarely realized.
4) Vet's fee is expensive because pets are not covered by medical insurance system.
5) UZ is easier to apply than the medicine prescribed by vets to be taken via mouth.
6) Some people are afraid of using UZ on themselves. But If they see the effect on pets, they will try on themselves.

A zoonosis is any infectious disease that can be transmitted (in some instances, by a vector) from non-human animals, both wild and domestic, to humans or from humans to non-human animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis). Of the 1415 pathogens known to affect humans, 61% are zoonotic.

My suggestion is as follows:

1) To feature the use for dogs and cats
2) To introduce the ways to apply UZ effectively
3) To enlighten the danger of zoonosis

I know that using UZ on pets is not new and it is almost common sense for a few pet owners. By emphasizing this aspect of UZ, the use of UZ will be common sense for most pet owners.

best regards,
Tatsuya Kato

I will be very glad to publish your comments and suggestions about your pets and pet zapping. I will be adding more to this page soon.

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