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I was paralysed and bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989. Today I am as fit as a fiddle. The myth of not knowing the cause or the cure for Multiple Sclerosis is repeated year after year, drummed into the collective mind of the public and those suffering from MS. It is The Big MS Lie. We may as well also call this The Big Neurological Lie -- that includes The Big Parkinson's Lie, The Big Alzhemer's Lie, The Big ALS Lie, The Big Epilepsy Lie, The Big Lupus Lie and The Big Bipolar Disorder Lie.

In the case of MS, the medical community, with the MS Society and the MS Clinics as spearheads, beg with hand outstretched for money every year during their annual fund drive. They never stop running and biking for the cure that is never found and that always remains just beyond reach. If only we would give more money they might be able to give us a glowing report next year. Of course, when next years rolls around it is the same rigamarole all over again. No cure, more money please, see you next year. It's a big hoax.

The myth of the ever-elusive cause and cure was created by the medical system to allow it to profit in perpetuity from those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. The cause and cure will remain perpetually beyond reach if they have their way, which they do. The elusive search for the cause and cure for Multiple Sclerosis is no different from the elusive search for the cause and cure for Crohn's disease and for a myriad of other "incurable" diseases. These are the big money-makers, the ones that cater to return customers.

The vast majority of those suffering from "incurable" diseases are gullible enough to stay "inside the box" created by the medical system. They are doomed by the ignorance that is fostered by the medical/pharmaceutical system.

There is no need to search any further than the word "toxicity" for the cause and the cure of Multiple Sclerosis. This is the one place the medical profession never looks, so it the obvious place to look for the answer. This is the smoking gun. If you look where they refuse to look you may be able to find the answer, as I did. I am living proof that my ideas are correct. I have been studiously ignored by the medical system and the authorities for the past 13 years since I decided to go public with my findings. I created my website to disseminate this information.

The ADA, the AMA, the FDA and the FTC have never refuted what I have to say about dental mercury being the cause of MS, in the vast majority of cases. I have invited them to email me but I am still waiting to receive even one email from any of them. Dental mercury has also been implicated as the cause of a host of other diseases, as I discuss in the links in the margin on the right-hand side of this page. There was even begrudging recognition of the link between Multiple Sclerosis and dental mercury in a 1989/1990 study reported in the British Dental Journal. This report is not terribly surprising given the fact that mercury is the most powerful neuro-toxin on the planet.

Update: In June, 2008, the FDA agreed to settle a lawsuit concerning dental mercury. The first shoe has dropped. Here is the link to the story:


The case is: Moms Against Mercury v. Eschenbach, 07cv2332, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

In the settlement, the FDA agreed to bring to a conclusion by July 2009 a regulatory review of mercury in fillings that began in 2002. The process could result in a requirement that prescribing information warn dentists and pregnant women of nervous system dangers to fetuses and young children with developing brains. "Gone are all of FDA's claims that no science exists that amalgam is unsafe," said Michael Bender of Vermont, a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

I was struck down by Multiple Sclerosis in 1989 when I was 40 and was bedridden for months. I lost all my energy. I was like a battery that is completely discharged. I could not feel my legs. They were dead weight, like two lead poles. My arms and hands were so numb and my coordination so poor that I could not feed myself or dress myself. I had excruciating nerve pain. I was a basket case. It was game over for my working life. I lost my career as general manager of a large health food company. Unable to function at all I instinctively used my mind to visualize myself in perfect health, and I affirmed over and over again my deep desire to get better. I did not accept my condition as my destiny. I decided right from the start that MS was not for me. It was an alien condition to be eliminated from my life. I never identified with the letters M and S. The process of identification creates the mentality of "my MS". So many people with MS refer to themselves as "MSers", like the members of a club. This is a deadly psychology to embrace, one which I never embraced. The destiny of "MSers" is MS. I have an iron will, a strong fighting spirit and an open-mind. These were the keys to my overcoming MS and Crohn's disease.

The Ultimate Zapper The Ultimate Zapper

                         Lesions on an MRI                Lesions on a slide

The first step of my search to recover my health involved looking at diet and supplements for a solution. I followed the Swank diet for a while with no results. Then I abandoned visits to the neurologists. The only thing they could do was send me for MRI's and prescribe drugs, which I never took for MS. They found lesions on the brain and spinal cord and made the diagnosis of MS early in 1990. But they had no idea how to help me recover from MS. Neither did the MS Society. I was on my own. I forced myself to become mobile through sheer willpower, shuffling around at home. Once I was able to shuffle out the front door I tried various alternative therapies including acupuncture, bio-energy therapy, homeopathy and naturopathy but nothing worked. My energy level remained at rock bottom and the words "quality of life" remained a distant memory.

After many years struggling to find answers for this terrible affliction I discovered that the key to my healing was detoxification. In my experience, having talked to hundreds of people with MS over the past 20 years, each person with MS has had serious exposure, usually over a long period of time, to at least one major source of toxicity originating from toxic metals and/or chemicals. The most common source of toxicity for people with MS is dental mercury. There may be another toxin in the picture but this is the most common.

In 1993 I was faced with another "incurable" illness, Crohn's disease. When I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease I knew intuitively that Crohn's and MS were linked. Eventually I found the link. It was dental mercury which had migrated both to the brain and to the intestinal tract. Watch this movie of dental mercury causing brain neuron damage. After my life-saving operation for Crohn's disease in 1994 I was still very sick. I realized I had to detoxify. I had my "silver amalgam" fillings that contain 50% mercury replaced with bio-compatible plastics by a mercury-free "biological dentist" and I did DMSA chelation for about 9 months. I also tried Dr. Hulda Clark's herbal parasite killing formula to kill microorganisms that were attracted to the mercury that had migrated to the brain and intestinal tissues from my fillings. A little deductive reasoning went a long way. My health improved. After doing DMSA chelation and inventing and using The Ultimate Zapper in 1996 my health improved dramatically. My recovery was complete. Today I am as fit as a fiddle. I have a very busy work schedule that occupies me 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. For exercise and recreation I bicycle, swim, work out at the gym and do a variety of therapies that have boosted my immune system by an amazing 50%, as proven by blood testing.

I have completely recovered my health but there are four elements to my recovery, common to most people with MS, that have, until recently, remained a work in progress. They have not affected my ability to function normally in any way. They are tinnitus (ringing in the ears), L'Hermitte's sign (an electrical sensation in the arms and legs produced by a flexing of the neck), residual numbness and the diminished strength of my immune system which was decimated by dental mercury. As a result of two important therapies described in My Recovery Protocol I have been successful in totally eliminating L'Hermitte's sign, the first such case that has ever been reported, as far as I am aware, using specific natural therapies. I have also drastically reduced the tinnitus and residual numbness and I have boosted my immune system, as measured by before and after blood testing, by an incredible 50%, putting it solidly in the middle of the range versus the low end, where it was for years because of mercury poisoning.

The Ultimate Zapper helped contribute to my recovery by killing opportunistic bacteria and parasites that were attracted to mercury deposited in my tissues from silver amalgam fillings which are 50% mercury, and through Electroporation Therapy. The original zapper was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and her son Geoff in 1995. It was designed to replace her herbal parasite killing program by electronically killing parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens that play an important role in pathology. Knowing that many people were unhappy with the results they obtained with this early zapper I set about trying to develop the best zapper in the world.

I succeeded in inventing The Ultimate Zapper in 1996 after experimenting with dozens of prototypes over a period of about 8 months. The Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful, effective zapper available. It produces 100% positive pulses, a lower frequency, a higher constant voltage (10.5 volts) and a constant wave form that is undistorted by battery discharge. In addition, it now produces a Super Stabilized square wave that remains square under load, the only zapper in the world that offers this important feature. And the Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper in the world you can plug into the wall. Please see the front page of this site for more information. The results people have obtained with my zapper for a wide variety of illnesses including Multiple Sclerosis over the past 13 years speak for themselves. You can read the latest testimonial on the bottom of the front page. You can also access the testimonial archive where you can read 300 testimonials including testimonials from people with MS who have used The Ultimate Zapper.

The Ultimate Zapper does not cure MS. I never use the word cure. It is against the law for me to do so. My zapper is part of a protocol for recovery from MS and Crohn's disease that I recommend. To read about My Recovery Protocol click here. Over the years The Ultimate Zapper has helped many people overcome these two so-called "incurable" diseases as well as many other illnesses, conditions and diseases. The words "recover" and "all better" are the most accurate words for me to use to describe the progress that I and others have made. The Ultimate Zapper can help eliminate parasites, bacteria and other pathogens that are associated with MS, Crohn's disease and other conditions. These pathogens are attracted to mercury and other metals and chemicals helping create the chain of pathology of chronic illness. Killing these pathogens can help break that chain of pathology. The Ultimate Zapper kills parasites, bacteria and viruses better than any other zapper in the world.

Read about my step-by-step program for detoxification and revitalizing the immune system in My Recovery Protocol. Many people with MS have benefited from the suggestions in my protocol. There are no guarantees of recovery from any "incurable" disease, mof course, but many people have been astonished at the progress they have been able to make.