Below are just some of the unsolicited testimonals I have received from people who have tried The Ultimate Zapper.

I ordered the Zapper back in March. I must say that I did not think it would really work but to my suprise after the first treatment I noticed a difference. I have fibroid tumors and Endometreosis of the uterus. I was in chronic pain every day for 6 years and was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy but cancelled when I started getting relief. The tumors shrank and the pain went away completely!!! Also for years I had a "hiatal hernia" it caused
quite a few systems (digestive problems shortness of breath....) and that has almost cleared up completely! I must say I was quite pleased. I hope in the long run this will help my allergies also. I'm getting ready to do the liver cleanse and hope to do the parasite cleansing program that Dr Clark has recommeneded if I can tolerate the herbs. I also have stopped using all products with propyl alcohol and I think this has helped me also!
Thank You

"Dear Ken!
Thanks a lot for your email. Something wonderful happened to me today, which I want to tell you about since you take such great interest in my health (for which thank you very much indeed). For the last 2 months I have been extremely bad off (this was the bad news, the goods news will be coming later). My enery went low again, and the paralyzing symptoms – which seemed to have gone or decreased to chronic pain in my head from september-December 1998 – seemed to return slowly again. As from appr. December I started having a terrible pain in my head. The pain seemed to get worse every day, and the last 4 weeks the pain has been completely intolerable, as it has been chronic for most of the day and late evenings. Apart from 1-2 IVC’s from October-February I was off the weekly IVCs I had from June-October 1998 because of the cost (100 USD each), and I was off DMPS and DMSA because I got sick of them (I was sick of the last DMPS too). The last 3 days I have been out of my mind, because I have been
running out of good ideas of what to do in order to improve my bad health
condition, and everything seemed hopeless. I have been crying a lot lately, out of mere desperation because of chronic pain and symptoms repeating themselves and getting worse, instead of getting better. And everything in my house has been in a mess for a long time, because I have have had no energy to keep the house due of constant pain in my head an other mercury related symptoms. However, with no income since Dec. 97 and up till now I could not afford to go on with this expensive treatment any longer (DMPS were 110 USD each and IVCs 100 USD each), so I found myself forced to find new ways to improve my health. I decided to see a chelating agent using acupuncture and herbal detoxification (he is half the expense of the chelating doctor using DMPS and IVCs. I consume a lot of C-vitamin powder daily, however). However, I could not get an appointment with the latter until end March, and with the pain in my head and various other symptoms I did not know how to survive for so long. In my desparation I started reading Hulda Clarks book "The Cure for All Diseases", and I started implementing her ideas immediately. Up till then I had not suceeded to make your zapper work, because I had not found a store where I could buy a 9 Volt plug. I have been trying several shops without result. And when my energy is low and I do not succeed inspite of several attemps, then I tend to resign for some time (that is probably the way it works for everybody!). However, now I have bought a 9 Volt battery and started zapping by the book 3 days ago. After two days my headache changed. From constant pain, the pain suddenly got worse, then it suddendly stopped for 30 min., then it returned and so forth for 2-3 hours. After this my pain was gone, and it has not returned for 24 hours now. The same happened to my right hipbone, which has been out of order for years. Suddenly, though I was standing still, my hipbone began aching and acting in a very peculiar manner, as if something drastic was going on inside my hip This morning I woke up totally fresh and free of pain, as if I had been relieved from some very heavy burden that I have been carrying for years. This has given me great hope, that by following Hulda Clarks recommendations I can diagnose and eliminate the source of parasites, which – I feel sure – are causing most of the remaining symtoms. I will still go on herbal chelating, continue to zap, and do the herbal kidney and liver cleanses recommended my Hulda Clark, and also follow her and your recommendations on eliminating the environmental pollution in food, detergents, cosmetics etc. I feel that I have taken a great step forward by recognizing the importance of all the things Hulda Clark state in her book. It gives me confidence that I will cope very well in recovering this year. I still have the root canal in the upper front tooth, which might be the cause of the pain in my head. However, examinations will be made by two more specialists and an expert in chinese medicine to see if they can find any infection around the tooth. I would like to feel sure that the tooth is the real cause, before extracting it and replacing it with a bridge, which will involve totally 3 front teeth (not least because of the cost of the bridge: approx. 3,000 USD).
However, the parasites causing the severe pain in my head may also derive from our cat. When I started reading Hulda Clarks book I realized, that the years we have had troubles with worms in our familily coincide with the years we have had our cat. Actually we never succeeded of getting rid of the worms, they kept returning all the time. Perhaps some worms have evolved and found their way to my head. According to Hulda Clark this is another explanation for my severe headache. However, zapping removed the pain immediately after 3 days. At present the cat is out of the house (my father and mother in law take care of it, because we are not allowed to keep pets in our appartment). However, I plan to give it away now that I do not feel so strongly attached to it,
because it is out of the house. My daughter is crying a lot, because she too
loves that cat (it was her birthday present 5 years ago). However, we have to go through this crises, in order to avoid ruining our lives with health problems
because of parasites from pets, which - acc. to Hulda Clark - will keep on returning with a pet in the house. However, I will start diagnosing the actual
cause of my pain now when it is gone (hopefully forever), because I still have
to do the Kidney Cleanse and Liver Cleanse recommended by you and Hulda Clark. Thank you to both of you.
In this connection I have been trying to procure borax for cleaning and washing. However, all borax products have been taken off the shelves in Denmark at present, because the Danish health authorities suspect borax to be cancerous, for which reason the product has been taken off the shelves, until examinations prove whether it is cancerous or not. Sorry, but compared to the U.S. and Canada Denmark is truly an underdevelopped country in health issues. The Danish health authorities prefer to do everything by themselves, they refuse to listen to or learn from important research made in
the U.S., Sweden or other countries being far ahead in health matters. This is why Denmark is so underdeveloped in health matters, because the docters and health autorities suffer from the "small-nation-syndrome" (they think they know everything better and will not listen to foreign capacities). The Danish population as a whole is suffering due to this, because they do not get the relevant help in connection with major health problems and chronic diseases. The Danish press and one single open-minded doctor at a hospital in openhagen deals with this problem for the time being. The doctor has recently written a book about it, in which he accuses his own colleagues of covering the facts of the Danish health system being totally rotten, and demands that a cover-up must take place and major steps taken to change the bad health system radically. Every Danish citizen is complaining about the bad treatment they get with health practitioners and at hospitals. Mostly, severe symptoms are neglected or rejected by health practitioners (because of overload), and by docters and nurses at the hospital, and major mistakes involving lives are made every day (however, this mistakes are covered by the doctors and their personnel). People, who do not know how to find new ways to cure themselves are lost in this system. Perhaps I will survive in this (as one out of few Danes), because I have the ability to find new ways to survive by drawing on foreign literature and research, and on help from persons like you, Hulda Clark an others who have found the right answers to the causes of chronic diseases. - Thank God, and bless all of you doing a good job informing people in other countries of your own good experience (this is a good thing for me or
others to hang on to, when you have a chronic disease and feel completely lost in a underdeveloped country in health issues like Denmark).
I hope I will report further progress soon.
Till then thank you very much once again for your emotional support.

I bought one of your Ultimate Zappers back in October and wanted to give you
an update, and see if you had any suggestions.
First off, I was diagnosed with Crohns disease around 1996, after about 4
years of uncertainty as to what it was. I had exploratory surgery in 1992
and they removed a 2 inch section of small intestine. They were never
certain from the pathology what it was.
It wasn't until an allergist prescribed Humibid, which it turns out over a
period of time, will cause irritation to the digestive system, when Crohns
flared up in full force and was detectable via upper GI (in Crohns' lab in
NYC no less!)
Anyway, I got the zapper in October, and shortly after, the pain and cramps
were reduced from a 7,8,9, or 10 (10 being "shoot me now - please" to
virutally 0, meaning I still have discomfort, but mostly forget about the
Thanks a bunch,

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